Education FAQs

DORA_Banner2FAQ – Education Requirements

Who must take continuing education?

  • Brokers renewing an active 3-year license.
  • Brokers applying to activate a license. (Brokers initially licensed as inactive who apply to activate their license during the initial year or the 1st 3-year license period are not required to complete continuing education
  • Expired licensees applying within 3 years to reinstate their license on active status.

Who is NOT required to complete continuing education?

  • Licensees renewing an initial license which expires December 31st of the year in which it was issued. (C.R.S. 12-61- 110.5(4))
  • Licensees renewing an inactive license or converting to inactive status upon renewal

What if I currently hold a real estate license in another jurisdiction?

  • Persons licensed in both Colorado and a jurisdiction with whom Colorado has entered a License Recognition agreement may choose either to meet Colorado’s continuing education requirement or to meet the continuing education requirement for the other jurisdiction. Courses must be taken during the Colorado renewal period to apply toward renewal of the Colorado license.
  • Licensees who hold a current license in a jurisdiction with whom Colorado does NOT have a License Recognition agreement may use hours from the other jurisdiction towards Colorado elective hours but they must also take an annual “Commission Update” course during their current renewal cycle.

When must continuing education be completed?

  • Before renewing any active 3-year license.
  • Before applying to re-activate a second or subsequent inactive 3-year license.
  • Before applying to reinstate an expired license on active status.

How does a licensee prove completion of continuing education?

  • By retaining their own file of course completion certificates for at least 4 years, and providing them to the Commission upon request.
  • Licensees, DO NOT send certificates to the Division of Real Estate unless requested.
  • The acts of renewing, reactivating or reinstating an active licensee attests to the student having complied with the continuing education requirements.
  • Continuing education course providers must provide course completion certification to students.

What happens if I fail to complete continuing education (e.g. the Commission Update Course)?

  • The Commission Update Course is an annual requirement for all active licensees. If you fail to complete this course between January 1 and December 31 each year, and/or you fail to complete the additional hours of elective continuing education during a three-year period, you may be found delinquent on a continuing education random audit and assessed a fine under the license law. If you miss one of the three Commission Update Courses during a license period, you may correct the delinquency by one of the following alternative methods of completing your full three-year continuing education requirement:
  • Take and pass the Colorado part of the Broker examination.
  • Once in your life, complete the 24-hour Brokerage Administration course.
  • Once in your life, complete the 24-hour Broker Transition course.

• Continuing education delinquencies are enforced by random audit, and are generally disciplined by fines ranging from $250 to $600 depending on the severity of the delinquency and when the delinquent hours are made up.